The Florals

by The Florals

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This album was recorded in the basements of The Florals.


released May 12, 2015

Produced and engineered by The Florals.
Mixed and master by Gem Jones.



all rights reserved


The Florals Springfield, Ohio

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Track Name: The Blues & Grays
The blues and grays they radiate off of your face and always they
Reflect the dawn when the morning decides to show and it will grow

My days vanish like smoke between my fingertips I lose my grip
On my bones that burn like glowing embers in the fires pit

But you go far ahead my present tense
You’re enthroned fast in stead never changing since
Track Name: I Hope I'm Right
I wish I could live in your brain and listen to all the things you say
I would rest inside your eyes and pray that you see me the same way

I wish I could sleep in your dreams where what you wish is how it seems
I would reside in your ears and hear the amplified voices of the ones you hold dear

I wanna make my home in your heart

Never will I leave or be far apart
From the ties between your chest and mind
Location where I find all of me and I
Hold my hopes up high that I’m right
Track Name: College Age
Makeup on from yesterday
Put your new shoes on but there’s no way
They’re not broken in, but I sure am
So what’s the deal and what’s the plan?

I ain’t gotta single plan today
I don’t feel like doing anything

Same jeans on as the day before
You want a little less I want a little more
College age, doing what’s right
Getting up early and feeling bright
Track Name: Heavy Eyes
Follow me anxiously
I can hide all of my insides
Underneath heavy eyes

Time’s so steep
It’s working me
Am I following
Or falling asleep

Oh my God where have you been
Not the God inside of the ceiling
But the God that’s inside of me

Heavy breath, weight on your chest
Close your eyes, you’re nearly dead
Cannot breathe beneath the sheets
Heavy eyes won’t ease your mind
Track Name: In Another State
This temper’s slow burning but it’s always on fire
Just rustle round these embers and the flames will get higher

I’d use those flames to smoke a lot when you’re not around
But don’t worry I ain’t gettin high cause I’m always up for feeling down

Just need to find a person to spend a moment or two with me
But I get you want to be alone, I understand completely

I’m sorry for being honest here
But I need you not to leave
It’s scary the way I can’t control your feet
And the way they move to and from me
Track Name: Voice
You left in a rush I thought that you believed in God
But the feelings weren’t enough

Black and blue
We buried you

And the voice inside my head
The key, the tone was yours instead
And I will take every step
According to the things you've said

You were up and off when I was thinking something strange
Never thought my thoughts would rearrange
Track Name: Louder This Time
What if you knew me like yourself
We didn’t keep anything to ourselves
Open and unafraid
The things we ignore we change

What if I always had the guts
To admit exactly what was what
And have the choice
To hear my voice

Why are we listening when no one is speaking?

What if I didn’t hesitate
Instead of thinking of what to say
And being vague
But still okay

Why are we listening when no one is speaking?

And it said a whole world more about you than it ever did me
That you’d assume that what you said is something I should take so lightly
But I’m not dead just because I don’t talk about this life
So the things you said were louder this time
Track Name: Father, Son, Holy Ghost
Father Son and Holy Ghost
I’m walking in some sore repose
Of a path that I once chose
I’m afraid my face you will not know

I opened up that book of yours
Saw liars, thieves, murderers and whores
I found myself inside of these
When I looked at them it was me I’d see

I looked close at every page
I found myself at a different age
My heart was much bigger when
My skin was thick and my heart was thin

Father Son and Holy Ghost
I’m walking in some sore repose
Of a path that I once chose
I’m afraid my face you will not know

Do you even recognize me
After a year of walking blindly

Now Zacchaeus climbed the tallest tree
And Moses divided an entire sea
Peter stepped into the breeze
Is this how you’ll remember me
Track Name: Why Don't You Want Me Now
When I see you there, you’re walking down the street
I can’t help, I’m looking
I will almost crash into the car that’s in front of me

When I turn around I see you there
Our eyes haven’t met but we’re getting there
I’m imagining so many things you and I could be

Why don’t you want me now
Oh could we talk this out
Or even talk at all
Oh then I might just fall for you
And when we finally meet
The love we find we’ll keep
And I think it’s okay
That I love you and I don’t even know your name

When I turn around I see you there
Our eyes haven’t met but we’re getting there
I’m imagining so many things you and I could be

Finally our eyes are meeting
The thoughts in my head repeating,
“They’ll pass by in cars
Knowing we are quite the sight to see.”

I got you underneath my finger
I got you on the tip of my tongue
I want to pull you closer
I want you where I think you belong
Track Name: Ropes
The waves are rising, I need to see the horizon
My ship is sinking and I have been thinking
I need to see your face
Deliver me from this place

My body’s bruised and I have been holding on so
Tight to all the things that keep me here in the deep

Let go of your ropes and hold a little tighter to
His hands are holding you and he will always fight for you

I rather have scars than open wounds
From what was left inside this room
Festering, infected with, all that I was and now who this is

I fell asleep for eleven years straight while all the things that I hate
Would pile up in the corner of the room convincing me that I couldn’t move
A muscle, a thought, the things they brought and I sought.
What haven’t I got?
A needle and thread, a tired head, a child alone, never shown, continually sewn through skin and bone.
Am I always prone to this old ghost?

Up and down by hands, personal lands foreclosed the first chance
Through the gates but not the door, you can’t reach the lock when you’re on the floor
But you’d adore my core. A lure to report, or healing?
It doesn't sound appealing his reeling out of flesh and bone
Can’t you see that I’m already sewn?
It’s fixed, though I’m not convinced

Festering infection, imperfection, this section unread
Open up the book and I bled and said, more like pleading
“It’s eating away at me, and my own skin.”
Where do I begin, or does it just end with the revealing of men and men’s minds?
Though you see it all the time through me and my own sighs and goodbyes
But what do you see in me through your own eyes?